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Death of Sociology

by ecrivan wordwizard in Sociology, September 25, 2010

The metamorphosis of this science in recent times.

As sociology has recently reached a point where it is considered as a hodgepodge of current social issues some sociologists consider it is almost defunct. In a sense they are not wrong, people can now discuss women’s involvement in politics without necessarily knowing about the sociology of education or the move towards keeping a current gun registry in the country. Still being able to know what you are talking about in women’s studies means being current in other allied areas such as education and criminology because women have acquired opportunities in the educative fields that they did not have years ago and there is also an increased level of women related crimes in urban centers too in modern times just as there is an increased level of juvenile or male related crimes.

Death of sociology as a subject is tough to explain when its component parts are still quite active and all constitute sociology in the first place. Death of sociology may refer to the will to destroy the negativisms of the sociology that referred to all the ills that certain sociologists, and other social scientists researched. There has been some bashing of western mores as sociologists compiled texts on what societies lack in the west or how other cultures are viewed through biased points of view.

At the same token people are not as keen in knowing about the history of sociology as they are about knowing current trends much the same way that people are generally illiterate in knowing about other cultures outside their own. Now travel has become extensive and many university graduates do travel between the time they finish school and find jobs but this does not make up the majority of mankind that will never have a worldly view of mankind. Travel too does not guarantee a person will have a worldly view either.

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