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Egypt takes first place at African Senior Judo Championship

Egypt takes first place at African Senior Judo Championship

APA-Port Louis (Mauritius) Egypt took the first place at the 30th African Senior Judo Championship which ended on Sunday at the Pandit Sahadeo Gymnasium in Vacoas, 20 km from the capital Port Louis.
Both Egypt and Algeria won five gold medals but it was the number of silver medals (4-3) that allowed Egypt to dethrone Algeria which took the first place on the podium at the last championship.
At the women team competition, Mauritius was beaten by Cameroun 4-3 and by the Egyptian girls who went to beat South Africa.
The Mauritius men team also got beaten by Algeria (7-0) and by Mali (4-3) but the Malians were completely dominated by the Tunisians for the third place in the team classification.
In the women finals, Algeria beat Tunisia by 4-3 and the Egyptian men team won the gold medal by overcoming the Algerian team (4-2).
Nicolas Hery, the Mauritian coach said at the end of the competition that the Algerians are really too strong to beat.
The administrative director of the Mauritius Judo Federation, Joseph Mounowah said he has been informed by Marius Vizer, the president of the International Judo Federation (IJF), that the federation will from 2010 professionalize judo.
He said the second training centre after the first one in Morocco that the IJF will set up will be located in South Africa.
He said in order to collect funds to finance all the projects, the IJF has decided to sell transmissions rights of major judo competitions including the world junior and senior championships.
He also said that from next year grants will be allocated by the IJF to national African federations.


FONTE: African Press Agency (subscription) - Dakar,Senegal

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