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"Warmth in 2008"- Netizen Spring Festival Charity Event

"Warmth in 2008"- Netizen Spring Festival Charity Event
Jan 04 2009 06:33:30 Beijing Time

In the wake of 2008, a dramatic year for China, our parent website would like to invite its netizens to a networking and charity event for quake-hit Wenchuan, as well as a fun and collective farewell to 2008.

Xian Dongmei, a Guangdong "Champion mom" of Judo at the Athens and Beijing Olympics, will attend the event along with several migrant students from the Wenchuan earthquake zone. Together with some Cantonese singers they will join us to celebrate the upcoming Spring Festival (Chinese Lunar New Year).

Charity auctions will be held, including items from two-time Olympic title holder Xian and various provisions provided by our netizens, as well as other donations.

All proceeds from the event plus 1,000 Amway (China) school bags will be donated to the Wenchuan people via the Guangzhou Charity Association.

Those expatriates who are interested in joining this event or donate are welcome to contact Mr. Li at or (tel.) 8199 8168 ext.3305. It might be an opportunity to get acquainted with and join an interesting local community and to extend your generous efforts to those in need.

Due to limitations on the number of participants, only the first ten people confirmed will be able to take part.


-Short speeches
-Performances (Three to four)
- Awarding to the "Netizens of the Year" of
-Auctions -Donation ceremony
-Dinner and Networking

When: 6-9 p.m., January 17, 2009
Where: Ramada Plaza Hotel

Add: No.313 Shougouling Road, Guangyuan Dong Rd. Tianhe, Guangzhou

Tel: 020-87206888
Fax: 020-87205600

Attendees: about 200 Chinese and overseas netizens, journalists and senior executives of various media and local companies.
Admission Fee: ¥30 (To be donated)

More details (in Chinese)
Editor: Chen Minjie
FONTE: Life of Guangzhou - "Warmth in 2008"- Netizen Spring Festival ...

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