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Remakanthan's Poems Deserve Re-reading: ONV

Friends and family remember 'gentle poet' Kilimanoor Remakanthan on his first death anniversary.
By Yentha
Statue, Trivandum: Kilimanoor Remakanthan was a poet who did not get the recognition he deserved for his contributions to Malayalam poetry and language, said Jnanpith winner ONV Kurup here today.

ONV, who couldn’t attend the first death anniversary of Remakanthan due to ill-health, wrote his speech and Manu Remakant, the late poet’s son, read out the speech to a gathering of his friends and family.

“Remakanthan was a poet who walked the lonely path, and his poems deserve a re-reading,” the veteran poet said, while introducing a Foundation in memory of Remakanthan.

“The foundation will try to bring out the unpublished works of Remakanthan,” he said.

He added that the foundation would encourage those who love the poet and his works to look at his works in a different perspective.

Remakanthan, a longtime teacher of Malayalam, was the example of a gentleman, who did not get into any clique or go after awards.

Of his unpublished works include a commendable translation of Dante’s ‘Divine Comedy’—the only translation of the world classic into an Indian language.
V Surendran Pillai, minister for Ports, released ‘Orma Kallukal’, a memoir by K Indira, Remakanthan’s wife, and also a CD of a collection of his poems.

“Remakanthan confined himself to his own space and wrote in his own style. His creative efforts were unacknowledged by the literary critics and his contributions to the Malayalam literature are rewarded,” the minister said.

George Onakkoor, writer and teacher, introduced the book to the audience. He said that the memoir is an excellent piece of literature, touching and warm and evoking deep emotions in a reader.

Dr. Puthusseri Ramachandran delivered a felicitation speech touching on the many facets of the poet’s personality.

Sabin Iqbal, editor, Yentha.com, welcomed the audience, while Jeevan Lal, principal, SN College, Chempazhanthy, thanked the speakers and the audience.

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