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Ishii-Minowa bolster Dream 16 card

Mixed martial arts' latest Olympic champion judoka will take on the king of freakshow fights.

Satoshi Ishii vs. Ikuhisa "Minowaman" Minowa has been added to the card for Dream 16 on Saturday in Nagoya, Japan. Ishii — a 2008 Olympic gold medalist in judo who will be in his third professional MMA bout — stands at the opposite end of the career arc from Minowa, who has 84 pro fights going back to 1996.

The last few years have seen Minowa focus on fights with much larger but less skilled foes. He won Dream's "Super Hulk" open-weight tournament last year by defeating Bob Sapp, Hong Man Choi and Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou.

Ishii has been fighting for Dream's main rival, World Victory Road's Sengoku Raiden Championships. Ishii, who was heavily recruited by the Ultimate Fighting Championship before he decided to stay in his home country, made his debut on New Year's Eve with a loss to one of Japan's most popular mixed martial arts, the now-retired Hidehiko Yoshida, a 1992 Olympic champion in judo. Ishii notched his first MMA win in July at a small show in New Zealand.

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