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Team USA defeats Team Brazil with judo Olympian Ryan Reser to win men's team title at dual meet

Team USA won the men's team title in the meet with Team Brazil held in conjunction with the Grappling World Championships in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. on Sunday. The women's team emerged victorious as well.
Olympian Ryan Reser from Colorado Springs, Colo. showed true dominance over Guilherme Luna (BRA) in the 81kg division when he threw him for ippon after already leading with a lower score due to penalties on Luna's part.
While each team consisted of five fighters who had to face their opponents twice for the best score out of ten matches, Team USA was off to a great start winning the first four and tying the fifth.
Team Brazil then achieved an impressive comeback in round two with three matches scored in its favor. But the American fighters hung in there and took the overall win with two more victories over the Brazilians.
In the 60kg division Vitaliy Vanyan from North Hollywood, Calif. threw Bruno Irapuan (BRA) for a yuko (quarter-point) score to take an early lead. After receiving a stalling penalty, Irapual turned the tables on Vanyan and scored a waza-ari (half-point). Although Vanyan earned two more yukos, including one from a second penalty committed by Irapuan and another from a seoi nage (shoulder throw), the Brazilian still led the match by the waza-ari score. Vanyan kept attacking, however, and threw Irapuan for the waza-ari that would win him the match in the final 30 seconds.
Neither Julio Rodriguez from Colorado Springs, Colo. nor Afonso Baldigen (BRA) scored during their 66kg match which was declared a draw.
In the 73kg division, 2009 Junior World Team member Andrew Porras from Hialeah, Fla. threw Leo Alan (BRA) for ippon (instant win) with an o soto gari (outer leg throw).
Two-time Pan Am medalist Garry St. Leger from Brooklyn, N.Y. won the 90kg division when he threw Wagner Cezare (BRA) for ippon with a kata guruma (fireman's carry).
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