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Judo: Aiming for London 2012

Judo: Aiming for London 2012
Published Date: 02 April 2009
AS a young woman Alex Farrington from Heysham had a fair amount of success as a judo competitor, winning medals as part of the North West Judo Squad.
A serious car accident halted her progress. She then suffered severe degeneration of her sight.

All this did not put her off and Alex is now making a comeback and has been selected as part of the squad training for the Judo Team to take part in the 2012 Paralympic Games.

In her first competition of the year Alex took part in the Samurai Open Championships at Kidderminster against fully sighted opponents. Judo is one of a very few sports in which visually-impaired competitors can compete on an equal footing against fully-sighted opponents.

Alex fared well against competitors much younger than herself but she left it late in the day to secure her bronze medal. In the last contest she had to win by Ippon (judo's equivalent to a knockout in boxing). The end of the fight was rapidly approaching when she produced a sacrifice throw to land for the victory.

Alex is currently training at the Kendal Dojo one of the North of England's premier judo clubs and regularly travels to Dartford to train with the National Paralympic Squad.

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Location: Lancaster

FONTE: Lancaster Today - Lancaster,England,UK
FOTO: Kendal Judo Club

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