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Galstyan hinders Davtyan

Galstyan hinders Davtyan
12:39 pm April 27, 2009 Sports

The 2009 European Judo Championships drew to an end in Tbilisi. Five sportsmen represented Armenia in the championship.
Arsen Galstyan of Russia won a gold medal becoming Europe's champion.
Our expectations were especially great from Hovhannes Davtyan (60 kg) who lost to another Armenian judoist, Arsen Galstyan in round one.
Another leading judoist, Europe's ex champion Armen Nazaryan (66 kg), beat Turkish Hasan Yilmaz and Greek Tariel Zintiridisi. But in the semi-finals Nazaryan lost to Italian Francesco Faraldoy. In a struggle for a bronze medal Armen lost to Russian Alim Gadanov.
Robert Vardanyan lost to Polish Christophe Vilkomirski in the 73 kg weight category and Hakob Arakelyan (90 kg) to Belorussian Andrei Kazusonyak in the 1/8 semifinals.

FONTE (foto incluída): A1plus - Armenia

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