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Cole searches for poetry in a cold place

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It's always been a great hope that we could get some poets and artists into space, to express the wonder and amazement fo the experience in the way that astronauts -- men and women trained in the sciences -- could never do.

Until that happens, the next best thing may be getting artists to one of Earth's most remote spots, Antarctica.

That's where Utah's poet laureate, Katherine Coles, is heading to an Antarctic research station for two weeks, the Tribune's Bryan Maffly reported. She's gathering material for a new book, and will be posting updates on the state of Utah's arts and museums website.

Coles wrote that she choked up when she saw the Palmer research station on Anvers Island.

"I've been thinking about this for so long, for one thing, and for another the station looks very small and fragile against the hugeness of the glacier rising behind it," she wrote.

FONTE: The Salt Lake Tribune


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