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‘God, soul are poetry not reality’

Raj Rewal - one of the most renowned Indian Architects, is known for the Pragati Maidan Exhibition complex and the Parliament Library complex.
Nadine Kreisberger

Posted: Sun Nov 21 2010, 13:05 hrs

Raj Rewal, architect of Pragati Maidan Exhibition complex and the Parliament Library complex, feels God, soul and rebirth are a form of poetic humanism.

What does spirituality mean to you?

When I was young, I thought it was very close to sensuality. As I grew older, it has meant connecting to nature, or probing nature and the nature of nature, through art or science.

I felt for instance an experience akin to spirituality while walking around the Iguacu water falls in Brazil, or when flying over mount Everest. These were overwhelming and

illuminating contacts with nature.

Works of art like a statue of Buddha, a painting by Rothko, an image of Krishna playing the flute, geometrical patterns, some transporting music – they all move me intensely as they are human attempts to interpret our inner self.

FONTE: Indian Express

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