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Judo Kata Championships and European Cup show

Judo Kata Championships and European Cup show
The Malta Judo Federation, on behalf of the European Judo Union, organised the fifth edition of the European Judo Kata Championships and the first ever edition of the Judo Show European Cup at the University Sports Complex.
The Malta Judo Federation was entrusted with the organisation of these two events after it successfully organised the European Judo Championships under 17 last year.
No fewer than 250 judoka and delegates from amongst 19 countries took part in the event.For the first time in such championships Malta was represented by two competitiors – John Zammit and his son Jerome Zammit.
John Zammit needs no introduction within the judo circle and beyond, being the only male gold medallist in Judo in the Small Nations Games of 7.
He was coach to Marcon Bezzina and last but not least he is a qualified European Kata Judge. Father and son finished 16th out of 24 competitors.
The preliminaries of the first three katas were held on Saturday, where 45 couples were in competition. In the KATAME the three couples to reach the final stage of the competition were the Italians Elio Paparello and Nicola Ripandelli, Stefano Proietti and Stefano Di Lello who ended in the first and second place respectively and the Spaniards Juan Giocoenchandia and Roberto Vilar Aguilera in third place.
In the NAGE NO KATA final, first palce went to the couple from Romania, Julian Surla and Aurelian Fleisz, in second place were the Spaniards Raul Camacho Perez u Roberto Camacho Perez and third place was won by the Russian couple Evgeny Kuldin and Sergey Bondarev.
In the last Kata final on Saturday, the JU NO KATA, the Italians Ubaldo Volpi and Maurizio Caldareni won first place with Ilaria Sozzi and Marta Frittoli finishing second. Third place went to the Russia’s Anton Surguchev and Nikolav Savchenkov.
The Championships continued on Sunday with the last two katas being performed, the KODOKAN GOSHIN-JITSU where once again we had an Italian couple made up of Daniele Mainenti and Andrea Faccioli winning.
The Spaniards Jesus Verano and Maximo Gonzalez Verga won second place the third place went to another Italian couple, Marika Sato and Alfredo Sacilotto. In the KIME NO KATA final, first place went to the Spaniards Fernando Blas Perez and U Chang Chung Seu while second place went to Italy’s Guseppe De Berardinis and Roberto Paniccia.
The Belgian couple Dirk De Maerteleire Christophe Inghelerecht won third place.
The first edition of the Judo Show European Cup was also held on Sunday. France won the first edtion of the Judo Show.
Italy’s judoka came in second and the third place was achieved by an all female French couple.
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