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Judo champ gains bronze

24 Nov, 2010 04:00 AM

Bendigo Judo Academy’s Shayann Stuart has achieved more international success, winning a bronze medal for Australia at the Oceania World Cup in Samoa.

Shayann competed in the senior women’s class, despite still qualifying for the young women division.

The teenager defeated New Zealander Emma Rouse in the preliminary round of competition, before being defeated by fellow Australian Sonya Chervonsky in the semi-final.

Shayann then defeated Australian Melinda Brown in the fight for the bronze medal.

Shayann also competed in the Junior World Judo Titles in Morocco last month, despite suffering a serious elbow injury in the month before the event.

Shayann’s father and coach Stephen Stuart said she put in a strong effort, despite having to compete with injury.

“She lasted a long time in her fight and it was called a draw.

“There was a replay after that which also resulted in a draw, so the three judges had to make a decision, and it didn’t go in Shayann’s favour,” he said.

“Her opponent finished seventh overall, so she did well against a strong opponent.”

Mr Stuart added that Shayann’s competitors targeted her injury, which made the competition even more difficult.

“She still can’t staighten it and it’s a bit of a boomerang. But despite that she was happy with her results after coming back from an elbow dislocation.”

Shayann will next compete at the Victorian titles, before she fights at next year’s national titles in Perth.

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