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Summerlin, Bartow, IB Compete in Judo Meet

Published: Tuesday, May 6, 2008
Summerlin, Bartow, IB Compete in Judo Meet
By Lisa Coffey


Forty two students from Summerlin Academy, Bartow High School, and the International Baccalaureate program competed in the first Summerlin Slam Judo Championships on Saturday.
Most of the students came from the physical education judo classes held at Summerlin. But there were also representatives from Bartow High School's wrestling team and Summerlin's self defense class. Bartow wrestler Mark Keely won double gold. He placed first in the heavyweight division and then won the Open title and the male Grand Champion trophy. Carrie Goad won the female Open title and Grand Champion trophy. She also chose to fight in the male, light heavy division as well, where she posted a 1-2 mark. Brett Garber captured the light middleweight gold with a four-match performance.

Here are results:

Male, open: 1. Mark Keely, International Baccalaureate

Male, lightweight: 1. Brian Piankowski, Summerlin Academy; 2. Dustin McElroy, Summerlin Academy; 3. Marc Julia, Summerlin Academy

Male, light middleweight: 1. Brett Garber, Summerlin Academy; 2. James Carlson, Summerlin Academy; 3. Ricky Ingram, Bartow High School

Male, middleweight: 1. Austin Ferrel, Bartow High School; 2. Jonas Troughton, Summerlin Academy; 3. Michael Kowalczyk, Summerlin Academy

Male, light heavyweight: 1. Ryan Sullivan, Summerlin Academy; 2. Gilberto Meneses, Summerlin Academy; 3. Joe Cannon, Summerlin Academy

Male, heavyweight: 1. Mark Keely, International Baccalaureate; 2. Oscar Cabarcas, Summerlin Academy; 3. Andrew Burris, Summerlin Academy

Female, open: 1. Carrie Goad, Summerlin Academy

Female, lightweight: 1. Cynthia Owens, Summerlin Academy; 2. Lacey Kramer, Summerlin Academy

Female, middleweight: 1. Taina Julia, Summerlin Academy; 2. Erika Trunbull, Summerlin Academy; 3. Shayna Lee, Summerlin Academy.

FONTE: The Ledger - Lakeland,FL,USA

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